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Sniper Delta Force Tuning - Commando Tuning Software


The "complete control" custom programming software .

Sniper Delta Force Commando software is used to tune our 2007 company project stang!!

The ultimate in tuning software is now become available. When compromise isn’t an option, the Sniper
 Commando tuning software brings you complete control like no other tuning software. The Commando
is currently available for 1988-current Ford gas vehicles and 1994-current Ford Powerstroke diesel vehicles.
For the 1996-newer EEC-V Ford gas engines and 1999-newer EEC-V Ford diesel engines, the Commando
 comes with Sniper's "ground breaking" Special Forces tuning kit
. But wait there’s more.

 This software package developed by Sniper gives the end-user  complete and full adjustability like no other
 product. You can create, modify or fine tune a performance tune that was originally created in Special Forces
 straight from your laptop or desktop pc (as seen in the sample screen shots below!).

Here are just a few screen shots Click images to enlarge

- Info displayed in “user friendly” terminology

- “Flash” directly to vehicle without needing
or purchasing a handheld programmer

- You can load finished tune on to a Sniper
 chip* or direct to vehicle.

- Sniper Special Forces tuned files can be
 imported directly into Delta Force for
 viewing or fine tune editing.

- Compare & view multiple performance
files at the same time.

- Edit with actual numbers, no conversions
 needed. MAF function is in kg/hr vs. volts
 instead of lb/min or counts.

- The normalizers all have a command so
you don't have to dig through another table

- You can edit by typing numbers, dragging
graphs or copying & pasting.

 -Fully compatible with Sniper chip burner*, Sniper Interface, Sniper Recon Data Logging, Sniper Special Forces & Sniper Patriot.....coming soon

- Allows you to change all the text and font to whatever you like


*** Note: The Commando tuning software is designed for the individual (car owner) and not designed for automotive shop use. The Commando will work for 1 vehicle with the option to add vehicles without having to purchase additional hardware. This software is non returnable. you may verify your box code with us to confirm template availability. 

Here are some comments from our customers.....

"Casey, Holy sh!t!!! Just put the tune in the cruiser!!! Smoked tires and black streak for half block through second gear till I let off the gas!!"
John E.

"Dear Anna and Casey, I wanted to thank you both for helping me select the Sniper Commando and Special Forces software. I started
working with the software last week. I like the software and have picked up power in the mid range that I didn't have before. I also tuned
up the Diesel with the 75hp canned program and love the performance improvement." Marc R.

The price of the Commando software (Flash version) allows you to program 2 vehicles*.
  You also have the option to program additional vehicles with the purchase of a Sniper Bullet and template.
Once you have purchased the software, HMS will contact you to verify the Ford model you wish to tune, to
make sure a template is available for your model. The commando software is non returnable.

The Commando software package includes-
commando software cd, special forces software cd interface flash box w/ 2 bullets*, usb cable and instruction booklet.
HMS tech support and one fine recalibration tune file!  

 *Note- This software will not work with MAC systems.

retail price $679.00

On Sale: $589.95

If you any questions about any of the Sniper Tuning products, please give us a call!
We are more than happy to talk with you. 623-932-0443