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2005-2009 Roush Mustang Belt Tensioner

2005-09 Mustang GT Roush Belt Tensioner

Do you own a 2005-2009 supercharged Mustang GT ? Have you noticed belt squeak or sequel?? This usually
 progresses into lower boost levels, belt throwing and many times bent tensioner arm!! Bottom line, when your
engine has belt slip, that equals less boost and Loss of horsepower!

Check out Roush's answer...their all new heavy duty designed belt tensioner! This 2005-2009 Mustang GT
 belt tensioner is twice as thick as the factory one. This means it will not flex, twist or bend. This comes
included in every Roush TVS supercharger kit.

HMS Highly recommends this belt tensioner to anyone running 8psi of boost or higher! This will work great
with a Roush, Whipple or Saleen supercharger set up! This tensioner includes pulley and the "ROUSH" logo.

Our Price: $148.95

Need it installed? Take advantage of our $45.00 install special. Goodyear, AZ