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ROUSH® 2010-11 Mustang GT Cold Air Intake Kit


Upgrade your 2010-11 Ford Mustang GT with this Cold Air Intake Kit and unleash up to an additional 8 hp and 8 ft-lb
 of torque out of your engine, while increasing your fuel efficiency. The kit a custom high-flow ROUSH® air filter with
 clamp, MAF tube, airbox tray with installed EPDM foam hood seal, and mounting hardware.

Cold air induction is a more efficient air intake method than the standard air filtering process. As a result, cold air induction
 can unleash the latent potential in power and fuel efficiency that is normally restrained by your stock air intake.

Air first comes into the Air Dam, which keeps out hot air from the engine compartment. The result is that the air entering the
 filter is cooler and dense, providing for a more potent air charge.

The kit includes all the necessary hardware, making it quick and easy to install.


  • Increased power by up to 8 horsepower and 8 ft-lbs of torque

  • Increased fuel mileage

  • Improved throttle response

  • Reduced pressure drop

  • Easy installation (no drilling or cutting required)

  • Fits 2010-11 Mustang GTs


  • retail price: $225.00

    Our Price: $219.95